Between the Moon and Paul McCartney

Between the moon and Paul McCartney is a middle-grade, historical fiction WIP about Cat, a thirteen-year-old girl who moves to Tennessee in the summer of 1969.  Although she would like to remain invisible, as usual, she finds it increasing difficult.  She befriends an African American girl, and a girl from a neighboring “hippie” commune.   The three embark upon a dangerous journey to find Cat’s brother who is missing-in-action in Vietnam.   Cat’s journey to self-discovery is juxtaposed to the journey to the moon.  The moon is a symbol of the quiet strength she discovers as she unearths family secrets and encounters the struggles and joys of growing up in a turbulent, but exciting time.   

Snake Soup, Forked Tongue on the Side

Snake Soup, Forked Tongue on the Side is a WIP murder mystery:  Think Janet Evanovich meets Michael Crichton and they have a baby who takes after her mother.  Cassy, a forensic psychologist, and her love interest, Josh Stern, Private Investigator, are hired to help find a former patient of Cassy’s who has gone missing from her college.  It seems several young women have gone missing.  Stern and Cassy join Sam Malone, Cassy’s other love interest, and Homicide Detective, to solve several connected murders involving exotic and endangered snakes, frogs and flowers, leading to a secret laboratory experimenting with human eugenics. 

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