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The Farm

I was so excited to be able to visit “The Farm” in Summertown, TN in order to research material for my middle grade WIP, Between the Moon and Paul McCartney. The inspiration for one of my characters came from my own experience in 1971, when a caravan of 60 buses (then new) came to a campground near my parent’s home on Old Hickory Lake. Realizing that they had driven from California (the place I wanted to go) to come to Tennessee to start a commune was so exciting.

As I started to write, I realized I wanted to learn more about whatever happened to The Farm. I found that they were still there in Summertown and going strong. I called my mom and told her I was coming for a visit and then a weekend at The Farm. I enjoyed every minute of my visit. I was so impressed with the green structures and progressive and sustainable living. I especially loved talking with the teenagers and hearing their experiences.

Thank you so much! I hope I will be able to visit again.

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