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In the words of Cat, my protagonist in Between the Moon and Paul McCartney, "My family didn't go on vacation, we moved."  Having no other visible means of support,  I followed my parents around the country until I was eighteen.  While challenging at times, I came to appreciate these life experiences.  Living in a quaint New England town, Chicago suburb, rural Tennessee, and now a beach town in California has given me a depth of experiences to draw upon in my writing.  

I'm especially appreciative of the insights obtained from my interactions with the kids and families I have had the honor to work with in my professional life as a psychologist.  I am constantly amazed by the human spirit and what can be accomplished when someone fights hard for what they want.  


Stories are powerful.  The stories we tell ourselves can limit or empower us.   I find the best stories make me experience, think, question, love and laugh.  I especially love to laugh. 

Besides moving, writing, and working as a psychologist, I enjoy hiking, listening to audio books, standup paddleboard, and spending time with my dog and humans that I love.